Life is one big question when you're starin at the clock

I’m not that girl your mother warns you about. I won’t break your heart or kiss your best friend.
I won’t make you choose between me and others.
I’m not cold or reckless or a bitch.

I’m the girl your father sometimes mentions when your mother isn’t around.
I will love you more than anything or anyone.
I’ll be there to hold you when you cry.
I’ll stand by you no matter what; until you decide you want other things.

And you’re just like your father so you will.
You’ll let me go and you’ll lose me.
I’ll miss you more than anything.
And you will too.
I know you will, but you won’t do anything about it.
And just like that we’ll never speak again.

" — (via canwerunaway)

(via ohmylovelydarling)

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